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Achieve your Twitter marketing objective with these 5 simple tips

Think digital marketing and what comes to mind? Social media, right? Truthfully, digital marketing is broad. Social media is just a small piece of the puzzle.

“Digital advertising is hard,” Twitter content marketing coordinator Michelle Lee said in a blog post, Introducing the Twitter Agency Playbook “With new targeting tools, lightning-fast trends and constantly changing best practices, it can be overwhelming and challenging to stay on top of the game—especially when you’re managing campaigns for multiple clients.”

In this article, we bring to you 5 simple tips to stay ahead with twitter. How to set up a twitter marketing strategy that works. 

1. To pay or not to pay.

It is okay to start your tweeter journey on a zero budget. There are many successful advertisers who appear to have a purely organic success. However, Twitter is no different from other platforms where you have to “pay to play”. The brands who seem to be the most organically successful on Twitter actually have huge Twitter Ads budgets and are creating a healthy, balanced mix of organic and paid content. However, many clients will have a budget for digital marketing.  These will pay for twitter promotions.

2. Tweet timely

Twitter moves very fast. People come to twitter to see what’s new and discuss their interests. Therefore, timely campaigns and posts on current trends or events are a better fit for Twitter. It does not have to be a long creative masterpiece that will take a long time to create. A good practice is to create and prepare your material prior to the event.

3. Managing expectations

Your clients will come to you with expectations. They will have done research and will have benchmarked with the competition.

According to the Twitter Agency Playbook, “Twitter is interest-based. People follow their friends and family, sure. But more often, they follow people who they find interesting. People don’t “like” a Tweet because it is from their aunt or they used to work with the sender. They engage with a Tweet because they are genuinely interested in its topic”

This crucial difference will get Twitter stacking out differently from other platforms. Brands should expect more brand love on twitter. People on Twitter seem to pay more attention than they do on other social media platforms.  

It is more about reaching the right people than reaching the most people.

Previously we said that tweeter moves fast. We cannot say the same for Twitter Ads. It takes time for a business to grow and develop an effective advertising strategy. But because Twitter itself moves so quickly, many advertisers are confused or disappointed by the need to optimize and experiment over time.

4. Create engaging tweets. 

Most common tweets are videos, images or plain text. Video is big today. Its impact is on the increase and it creates great engagements. Images are a simple way of generating attention for your tweet. 

You can also create mileage for your tweet through the use of hashtags and emojis. Adding a hashtag to your tweet links it to a broader conversation.

5. Select the right campaign types

Twitter ads is a game of numbers. Whether you are looking for followers, website clicks, app installs, or running an awareness campaign.

Your clients will have an idea on how they want their accounts to grow. You can prioritise one growth goal or you can take on all the objectives. Remember to run several campaign objectives to achieve those different goals. 

With the right target audience, the above 5 tips will set you up for great success with Twitter digital marketing.

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